The death of a close relative or friend can be traumatic and the feelings of shock and loss very deep. The funeral is an opportunity, an opportunity to take some comfort and to focus your thoughts and feelings with respect and love.

Also for you to remember and celebrate the life of the person you have lost; to express gratitude and appreciation and to say goodbye with dignity. A Humanist Funeral Ceremony acknowledges loss and celebrates life without using religious rituals. Personalised to meet the wishes of the family and others left behind, it aims above all to reflect the feelings and wishes of the person who has died We believe that life itself is the greatest cause of all to celebrate. Our ceremonies are based on the life-affirming values of love and concern for others, without judgement.


All of our partner Funeral Directors use Tyne Wear Celebrants to conduct Humanist Ceremonies.

Working in partnership with the Tynedale Family Funeral Directors we will ensure that your ceremony is appropriate to your family.

We are also able to help anyone to arrange their own ceremony in advance, and through our partners put in place a pre-payment plan.

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Proud to work with Tynedale Family Funeral Directors