Questions Families Ask

Can their loved one wear their own clothes ?

Yes, everything they would normally wear.

Do you require a photo ?

Yes, this will help us to see What they looked like for make-up and hair styles etc.

Do we have to pay any deposits up front ?

Yes you will be asked to pay the disbursements before the funeral takes place. We can offer Funeral Finance through Funeral Safe subject to terms and conditions. If a funeral finance application is rejected we will require the funeral to be paid in full before it takes place.

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What music can we play ?

If the service is at the crematorium we only require the name of the music you wish to be played and we will organise the music for you.

If you require a service in one of the cemetery chapels you will have to supply the music you wish to be played on CD or a USB stick.

( the cd’s must be original artist not copies. )

How much are the disbursements ?

These depend on the type of service you are wishing to have. We have listed below the costs you will be asked to pay for when the arrangements are made.

Cremation Fee £816.00
( this is Monday to Friday for residents of South Tyneside )

Doctors Fee  £164.00

Minister Fee
These range from £110.00 to £340.00 depending if church service required

Burial Fee  £857.00

A New Purchase of a Grave  £990.00 (50 year lease)

If another funeral director offers to price match us, you might want to consider if they were to expensive in the first place.